Transparency CommunicationSynchronized EffortsHigh-performance Results

Success is a decision.

Engineered for results:

The concept of fifty doors is driven by a system of behaviors and actions that support capturing success. Goals and objectives are obtained by methodically deconstructing our actions by year, quarter, month, week, day and hour. With every milestone achieved, we embrace success through observation, reflection and absorption which drives continued improvement in our performance.


Our philosophy at Fifty Door Partners, LLC is to embody transparency, communication and synchronized efforts within every layer of our infrastructure. These key elements that define our movement every day ensure high‐performance results for our companies, employees, customers, and stakeholders.


Our vision, established nearly 35 years ago, is to continue the transformation of our infrastructure so that it is self‐sufficient and has a healthy impact on the lives of every team member contributing to our organizational fabric and results. Our investments in people, teamwork, customer service, manufacturing, real estate, construction and infrastructure, have been engineered with this vision being our magnetic north.


With this vision guiding our strategy, tactics and daily effort, we remain relentless in our pursuit of being a dynamic and opportunistic culture of like‐minded individuals who embrace this challenging but rewarding culture – Our purpose is to focus on results.

Today’s efforts determine tomorrow’s results.
‐Chris Hansen, President and CEO